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Bryce Canyon Country: The Foodie Trail

One of the best parts of traveling is finding amazing local food. Chains may be convenient, but they do, however, lack the delicious, fresh meals that many of the locally-owned restaurants in Bryce Canyon Country offer. You would be remiss to lose out on an opportunity to fully experience Bryce Canyon Country if you don’t dine in at least one of these many delectable establishments.

Please note restaurant hours and openings may vary due to the season.

Morning Meals

When preparing for a day of adventuring and canyoneering, a hearty breakfast is mandatory. Keeping your body fueled to match the high-energy levels being expended is important. We have the perfect list of restaurants to start your day off on the right foot. 

Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant: They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even offer to-go box lunches to take out on your adventures. Their breakfast is not to be missed, with hearty breakfast steaks, biscuits and gravy, breakfast muffins, omelettes and many side offerings like toast, fruit or cold cereal, you can’t go wrong. Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant is sure to keep you fueled for all your morning activities. The restaurant has also been ranked number one among Bryce Canyon Country visitors and has even been recognized in travel guides in Europe for their famous pies and wide variety of delectable pies. 

Devil’s Garden Grill: With a simple, but deliciously fresh menu, Devil’s Garden Grill offers meals made from scratch with locally-grown produce. Most of their dishes contain farm fresh eggs making them a great way to start your day. Devil’s Garden is a good option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re in town for Thanksgiving, be sure to make a reservation to join in Devil’s Garden Grill’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the perfect way to spend a holiday of gratitude while enjoying your adventures in the beautiful red rock. 

Kenny Rays: Located in Panguitch, Utah, Kenny Rays breakfast is the satisfying meal you need to start your day. Their breakfast offerings are exactly what you would imagine a cowboy enjoy before setting off for the day. Try the fried steak and eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and eggs, or delicious warm bowl of oatmeal with a side of toast. Kenny Rays is the perfect breakfast for adventurers. 

Midday Snacks

Looking for a little pick me up before lunch or dinner? There are plenty of options that can make excellent meals or offer the perfect assortment of snacks and coffee to keep your energy up. 

Kiva Koffeehouse: Looking for your coffee fix? Kiva Koffeehouse is perfect for you, with a full espresso bar, freshly ground coffee and teas from around the world. Kiva Koffeehouse makes an ideal stop for a mid-morning snack. They serve homemade soups, fresh bread and pastries. This quaint little cottage is a lovely spot to enjoy the scenery with delicious treats. 

Magnolias Street Food: A truly fun street-food dining experience in Boulder, Utah. Magnolias food is easy to take with you and eat under the beautiful open skies. Their specialties are delicious hearty burritos that are sure to fuel you for hours. Magnolias also has an ideal snack menu, offering different types of fries, fresh avocados, kimchee and tacos. Open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. they are a great place for breakfast, lunch or a pick-me-up snack. Magnolias offers classes and catering options as well. 

Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee: Find the perfect pastry and coffee combo for a midday pick-me-up. Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee prides themselves on the delicious, fresh-baked pastries they make each day. There is a wide selection of coffee options. Choose from expresso, lattes, fresh drip, Americano or so much more. They are located about 20 minutes away from Bryce Canyon, making them an ideal stop on your way to-or-from the park. They also offer tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, frozen lemonade and apple cider for those who don’t enjoy coffee. Make sure to try a kolache while you’re there.  

Lunch Re-fuel

It’s important to keep your body fueled for all your adventures during the day. Make time to stop for a quick delicious lunch that you can grab-and-go, or sit down for a refreshing meal and relax before setting out for the rest of a day of exploring.  

Antimony Merc: Winner of the Best-In-State Cafe, Antimony Merc is known for its burgers, breakfast and homemade pies. If you’re looking for a hearty burger that’s going to keep you satiated for the day, look no further than their half-pound Antimony Burger. They are located in a general store in Antimony, Utah. 

Escalante Outfitters: Get a warm mouth-watering pizza on a homemade sourdough crust the whole family will enjoy, or enjoy a personal calzone. Escalante Outfitters also offers fresh salads and satisfying sandwiches. There are gluten free pizza options available. Complete your meal with a local beer or soda. 

Big Fish Family Restaurant: Open year-round in Panguitch, Utah, this old-west themed restaurant serves classic American food from gourmet burgers, fries and chicken wings, to fish and chips and BLT’s. You’re sure to find something for everyone on their menu. Big Fish Family Restaurant also offers take-out and delivery options if you don’t want to dine in. 

Burr Trail Grill: Open for lunch and dinner from March to October, the Burr Trail Grill offers a more sophisticated American cuisine. They offer fresh salads that stand out from the traditional chef’s or caesar salad. Burr Trail Grill’s burgers are full of unique delicious flavors, like the Thai, or Red Rock burger. Of course, they also offer entrees bursting with flavor. Their lamb and beef come from locally sourced grass-fed farms and ranches. 

IDK BBQ: Nothing says southern comfort food like mouth-watering barbequed meat. Their smoked ribs, brisket, chicken and pulled pork are sure to melt in your mouth. You have the choice of getting the meat in a sandwich, on a hearty plate of nachos, on a loaded potato or you can get the meat plain with a side of homemade coleslaw and a roll. No matter which way you choose, you can’t go wrong. Complete your meal with some delectable cobbler. 

Dinners to Die For

End the day with a locally-sourced delicious meal full of flavor and Bryce Canyon Country flair. Whether you choose to dine where there is a romantic view of the sunset over red rock canyons, sit around a campfire like a rancher or eat in a classic diner, you can’t go wrong with any of these dinner options. 

Cowboy’s Smokehouse: Get a taste of Texas-style BBQ in Southern Utah at Cowboy’s Smokehouse in Panguitch, Utah. The restaurant is located in a renovated antique building that adds to the atmosphere of the smoked and slow-cooked meats. Cowboy’s Smokehouse also offers steaks, fish fillets, soups and salads and appetizers. All their barbeque meats are cooked in their pit over mesquite wood. To complete your southern style meal choose two sides that range from fries, mashed or baked potatoes, sweet potatoes or black or pinto beans. 

Circle D Eatery: Located in Escalante, Circle D Eatery offers American cuisine of freshly smoked meats like ribs, brisket and chicken, cooked on the premise. All of Circle D Eatery’s beef is sourced from Flying V– a local ranch with free-range, grass-fed cows. For the non-meat eaters, they also offer plenty of vegetarian options like their Circle D Black Bean Burger, pastas and salads. They offer all three meals of the day from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, with the exception of Tuesday, where their hours are 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Sweetwater Kitchen: If you stay in Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder, make sure to try Sweetwater Kitchen. Don’t fret, even if you aren’t staying at the guest ranch the restaurant is still fully accessible. The restaurant offers a delightful dinners with steaks from the Bar None Ranch, their own ranch, enchiladas, burgers or fresh salads. If you want a lunch on-the-go, Sweetwater has you covered with lunch wraps, sandwiches or a gluten-free sandwich option. Their meals will keep you satisfied the entire day. Keep your eye on the menu because they offer daily specials and sometimes include daily and weekly menu changes with new delicious dishes to try.

Hell’s Backbone Grill: This fiery-named restaurant is everything you would imagine a small-town, farm-fresh dining establishment would be and more. Almost all of the food is sourced from the owner’s own farms and local tree orchards. The restaurant is founded upon Buddhist principles. They have a focus on sustainability, environmental ethics and community responsibility. The owners and chefs, Jen Castle and Blake Spalding, were semifinalists for the James Beard Foundation for the Best Chef: Southwest category.

Cowboy’s Buffet and Steakhouse: Eat like a cowboy from the old west with the finest steaks, ribs, chicken and seafood around. Choose between the full-service menu, or the seasonal buffet. Cowboy’s Buffet and Steakhouse is located at Ruby’s Inn just outside Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s the perfect stop between adventures to refuel for the next opportunity. 

Stone Hearth Grille: Located at Stone Canyon Inn, Stone Hearth Grille offers elegant dinners with food choices that range from melt-in-your-mouth steaks to pan-seared halibut and braised duck. This upscale dining experience will complete your trip with breathtaking views of the pink sunsets over Bryce Canyon’s rich red rock. Don’t forget to include a glass of fine wine and decadent desserts. Stone Hearth Grille is the fine-dining experience you don’t want to miss. 

North Creek Grill: Jump into the full ambiance and comfort of the old west with outdoor seating, a campfire, freshly cooked meat and good company. North Creek Grill serves wood-fired food, a flavor that cannot be beaten. Try their wood-fired pizzas or a sizzling entree like their ribeye steak. The added smokey flavor perfectly complements the vibe of the restaurant. North Creek Grill is an experience unlike any other. 

There’s so much to enjoy and do in Bryce Canyon Country, including enjoying the many local dining options to top off a perfect vacation. The local food-scene is so fresh it becomes an experience in-and-of itself.   

Find more restaurants in Bryce Canyon Country. 

Learn about the many local restaurants in Bryce Canyon Country. Many have won awards for their food and you don’t want to miss out when you come to town.

Enjoy food in a restaurant or on the patio overlooking the canyon scenery. Take food on-the-go too so you can travel and drive all over Bryce Canyon Country.

Bryce Canyon Country, located in Southern, Utah, has so many local restaurants with delicious dining opportunities. Learn about them and make your reservations today.

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