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Planning Your Hike

The proper planning of your hike into and through Bryce Canyon is literally the most important part of your visit and hopefully something you’ve done prior to your visit.

Ah the views, maybe you’ve just arrived and you haven’t made a plan but you want to just drive over to the trail head, maybe a look out and just check it out. See if there’s a view you can take in real quick before the planning starts. Oh, hey, a little hike down this common well traveled trail couldn’t hurt, let’s just take a “walk”, we’ll come right back, get in the car and then start planning. This is how it HAPPENS OUT HERE! Don’t let it happen to you.

  1. You should have all the gear and be outfitted for this visit before you arrive. We don’t have the gear availability out here because freaking Amazon has put all our local stores out of business.
  2. You should have kick-ass hiking boots that don’t suck. Come on people, really? If you just bought them turn around cause it’s likely you are going to suffer.
  3. You should have wool hiking socks. People laugh and ask why? If you have to ask why you didn’t do your homework, go back to you hiking 101 book and real on wool hiking socks and why
  4. Some rope. You always need some rope.
  5. A sleeping bag that can support chills down to 20 degrees. It has happened around here in the spring when the temp just crashed to 10 degrees. It catches people by surprise and if you’re a newbe, well, your NOT TOAST if you know what I mean.
  6. MAPS MAPS MAPS – Dude, maps. You need to plan your route carefully and using the most general routes with lots of people. People can be good in most cases and most of the time. There are cases when people are BAD but for the sake of this article and the fact you might be newer to the experience, stay near mail trails where people are.