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Hiking Hats and Headgear

When selecting what to wear for hiking, be aware that not all hats are not created equal, and not all hats are good for all jobs. Some may be better for hiking, while others may be more suitable for sitting out on the lake fishing. We’ll start of by breaking down the various components you want to take a look at when choosing your perfect backpacking hat.

AwardsOverall ScoreUPF RatingWeightBrim Size
Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap 79%50+2.8 oz2.75 brim, 7.25″ neck cape
Sunday Afternoons Adventure HatBudget Buy 79%50+2.6 oz3.75″, with 7.25″ neck cape
Outdoor Research Sun Bucket 74%50+2 oz2.4″
Outdoor Research SombrioletTop Pick 85%50+2.6 oz4″ front/back, 3.25″ sides
Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas HatGreat Buy 83%50+2.8 oz3″
Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Hat 66%50+2.6 oz3″
Tilley LTM3 Airflo Hat  74%50+3.2 oz3.25″ front/back, 2.25″ sides
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