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3 Travel Tips for Bryce and Beyond

There’s not much that can beat the wonderful thought of a vacation — the excitement in your stomach when a new adventure is around the corner and enticing experiences are just out of reach. Bryce Canyon Country is the adventure that not only amazes first-time visitors but also brings travelers back wanting more of the scenic vistas and outdoor adventures that so many crave.

Whether you’re planning a week-long trip, weekend getaway or a staycation trip in the state of Utah, there’s an adventure waiting for you in Bryce Canyon Country in 2020. We are here to help you plan your travel to Utah in an easier and more effective way. 

With so many things to do in Southern Utah, it can be hard to decide, so we are starting our 2020 blog post series “Bryce and Beyond.” This is a series full of different locations to travel to, traveling tips and a traveling checklist for your trips giving you a better destination-planning experience. 

Experience Bryce and Beyond this Summer

The sunsets at Bryce Canyon are just the beginning. If you include Bryce Canyon National park into your travel plans, it’s easy to add on the best burger found in Antimony, the slot canyons of Escalante, or one of the other state parks in the area: Kodachrome Basin State Park, Anasazi State Park Museum or Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. Don’t forget to add Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to your list too!

The majestic Bryce Canyon hoodoos and spires can bring your eyes to the sky, but locations like Boulder, Escalante and Panguitch are rich with history. Throughout each location in Bryce Canyon Country, the land and museums illustrate the lifestyle of previous residents that settled ad lived here including Ancestral Puebloan people in Boulder, explorers in the “ghost town” of Widstoe, Outlaw Butch Cassidy and the Mormon pioneers that settled Panguitch City.

Try Bryce Canyon from a New Point of View

Experience Bryce Canyon Country from multiple points of view, in addition to the historic settlers who founded the area. Consider a guide and outfitter for a unique adventure. For example, riding ATV/OHV vehicles through the Ponderosa trees of Dixie National Forest, take the daring and brave adventure from the top of the slot canyon cliffs to the bottom by canyoneering or experience Bryce Canyon horseback riding. Hiking and biking are always fun activities for the family and are easily done almost anywhere in the county. 

One activity that can’t be missed is stargazing. In the rural towns of Southern Utah, light pollution is minimal and thousands of stars can be seen throughout the night sky. If you think the days’ adventures will give you a lifetime of memories, think about the memories gained once the sun sets. Throughout the county, astronomy education is available in the different state and national parks. 

Share Your Adventures

If you take these tips to heart, your adventure will reach beyond the canyons of Bryce and you’ll experience the small towns of Bryce Canyon Country and all they have to offer. After all, travel is about exploration and discovery of new things and your newest adventures are ready to be shared with others.

When you take your next trip, capture the moment with a photo. Find @brycecanyoncountry on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Document your trip on social media and share the fun with family and friends using the hashtag #bryceandbeyond.

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