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What Sets Bryce Canyon Apart from Other National Parks

There are a whopping 63 national parks in America, spanning the entire country. There are five to choose from in Utah alone, all in the southern half of the state. With all that variety, you may be wondering which park is right for your next road trip or family outing. Against all of the noise, Bryce Canyon stands out from the crowd as a great place to visit.  

No Lines

National Parks are becoming more and more popular. Many parks are seeing record high visitation numbers, with no signs of slowing down. Because of this, many parks are crowded and have long lines to see the more popular sights. There are also reports of hikers having to wait in lines of an hour or more before being able to hike the more popular trails. With long lines and endless crowds, some national parks look more like theme parks nowadays. 

At Bryce Canyon, there is plenty of space for everyone. There are no crowds and no lines, making it the perfect place to peacefully enjoy the view. Feel free to take your time and explore the area, without waiting in lines or bumping into other hikers.

Bryce Canyon is the perfect place to enjoy some truly breathtaking sights and traverse beautiful trails without having to worry about all the other people around. Just you and the great outdoors – the way it should be. 

No Reservations

Another unfortunate side effect of the growing popularity of national parks is the implementation of a reservation system. Some parks are now requiring visitors to purchase a reservation pass in advance to secure their spot in the park before they visit.

Other national parks, require hikers to put their name in a lottery for a chance to be able to hike their popular trails. This extra hassle can be stressful and disappointing to many people visiting these parks. 

Bryce Canyon does not have a reservation system or a hikers lottery. Every time you visit Bryce Canyon, rest assured that you’ll be able to do any activity you want without a lottery ticket or a reservation fee. 

Visiting Bryce Canyon requires no preplanning, making it the perfect place for a spontaneous day trip. If you feel the outdoors calling you, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting the park on a moments notice.  Wake up, pack your car, and drive down to Bryce Cayon for the perfect spur-of-the-moment getaway. 

Stay Cool at Bryce

Many people are hesitant to visit the Utah national parks because of the heat. All of the Utah national parks are in desert areas with little shade. However, Bryce Canyon has a different climate than the rest of the Utah parks.

Because Bryce Canyon has an altitude ranging from 4,500 – 9,000 feet above sea level, the temperatures are much lower than in other parts of Utah. For example, the average temperature in July at Bryce Canyon is 66 degrees, compared to Zion’s average of 84.9 degrees. This makes Bryce Canyon a very cool place to visit, in more ways than one. 

Bryce Canyon is a place for you to spend all day enjoying nature. No need to worry about crowds, lines, reservations, or blistering heat. Nothing should come between you and the great outdoors, and at Bryce Canyon, nothing does. 


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