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Wall Street Bryce Canyon

Wall Street Bryce CanyonWall Street is a narrow slot canyon with high walls that resemble sky scrapers on Wall Street. It is located inside of Bryce Canyon National Park on the Navajo Loop trail. Bryce Canyon is a US National Park located in southwest Utah. It is located about 260 miles south of Salt Lake City and about 260 miles north of Las Vegas. Bryce Canyon was first settled by Ebenezer Bryce in 1874 and the National Park was created in 1928.I hiked down through Wall Street with my wife on a Sunday afternoon in late May and thought this part of the trail was very cool. The views from inside the walls are great so bring your camera and you will get some great photos. While Wall Street is amazing I also enjoyed looking at the 750 year fir trees that are growing inside the narrow walls of Wall Street (not sure how anything can grow here). Overall I enjoyed hiking through Wall Street and highly recommend it. This is a must see attraction when you are visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. This area is very popular and there were lots of tourists walking through this narrow canyon

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