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Fairyland Loop Bryce Canyon

Fairyland loopYou can do more than just stand at the rim…..hike 8 miles through this stunning loop. We did it Thanksgiving day. We saw 3 people in the far distance. Bliss! The trail to ourselves. Make sure you have the proper gear necessary depending on the conditions. There was a little snow …. layer clothing for colder temps, proper boots, gaiters and micro-spikes a good idea that time of year so you CAN get down to the bottom in and among the hoodoos. It’s usually a lot warmer down there too! You can peel off some of those layers and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Just do it! Do check in with the ranger station to make sure of the depth of any snow (I believe you might need snow shoes at times but not necessary the time I’ve been). It’s one of the first trails on the left as you approach the park. It’s a loop so you can access it several ways. There is a left BEFORE you enter the park (gate may be open) or you can access it from Sunrise point. Thanksgiving Day was also free admission (in case you don’t have an annual National Parks pass) and the visitor center is closed. There are restroom facilities as other major look out points. Be prepared and you will enjoy this hike.


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