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Navajo Trail Bryce Canyon

Navajo Trail Bryce CanyonNavajo Loop Trail is one of the most hiked trail in Bryce Canyon. If you are asking for a moderately strenuous hike, this is it. Well marked, well made trail, takes you through switchbacks from Canyon rim to floor and back up to the rim (550 feet climb down and 550 back up in a total 1.3 miles hike), giving you an intimate view of the geological formations of Bryce Canyon.Remember that the altitude at which this is may make it a chilly hike depending on the time of day and the weather.But, you say you would have lost way in Zion. Which trails were you on? Most trails in Zion are well marked too.Reading up literature you get at the NP entrance will give you plenty insight into the history and background. More can be explored online too. But, it depends on your taste whether to hire a guide for information.


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